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  • There are two kinds of people in the world: those who entertain and those who seek entertainment.  Our mission is the be the pipeline, the TUBE if you will, from the one to the other.

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    make your video ideas come to life.

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    Your videos with our various digital media equipment or assist using our actors/script writers/set designers etc.


    Your videos by using Final Cut and other softwares to ensure the finest quality.


    Your videos on our social media sites so your content will reach the masses.

  • Want to join? This is what we're looking for...

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    Digital Media/Film Experience, Campus Involvement, Resume Building, Friendship etc.


    Want to act?

    Our series always need extra actors, actresses, achors, moral support, etc.

    Want to film?

    We are always looking for new series ideas with people eager and willing to direct.

    Want to try something new and exciting?

    We offer short info sessions about a variety of topics, from Lighting, to Sound, to Producing and more...

    Got a Script?

    Let's make it real.

    Itching to write and rewrite?

    We got tons of incomplete scripts yearning to be molded into perfection.

    Would you rather just watch?

    Discuss what you like or dislike about films, whether they are ours or not. Because the best filmmakers are typically the best film watchers.

    Curious about production?

    Work with our staff and directors to gain insight in media production.

    Wanting to learn how to edit?

    Gain first-hand experience with Final Cut and become a pro at producing videos.

  • Tulane University Film & Arts Festival 

    Brought to Tulane by TUBE and TUCP

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  • The Cast

    Our Executive Board. We run things. Hit us up.

    Kevin Walberg

    General Manager


    Oversees all events and allocation of TUBE resources. 

    Annie Heinrichs

    Business Manager


    Communicates and cultivates relationships with TUBE partners and clients. 

    Maya Acharya

    Production Manager


    Manages TUBE productions and trainings. 

    Skelly Colen

    Integration Manager


    Organizes recruitment and retainment of new members. 

    Ashley Brown

    Social Media Liaison


    Develops and manages TUBE's online presence

    Elizabeth Chan

    Equipment Manager



    Ensures that the equipment is checked out and returned safely for further use

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